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My name is Holly and I am a registered dental hygienist in Ottawa, Canada practicing since 2014.

I am dedicated to helping my patients achieve and maintain optimal oral health and education people on the mouth-body health connection.

This passion is the reason I created mytoothbetold.com, in order to reach and educate the public.

I am in good standing order with both the CDHO and the CDHA.

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Tooth Be Told


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Global audience over 450,000

Nominated for Publisher of the Year 2021 by Ezoic.

In addition to her clinical work, Holly is also the creator and writer of the popular website mytoothbetold.com.

The site provides valuable information and resources to help people take charge of their oral health.

I believe changing someone’s smile can change their life! It happened to me!

- Holly Verran RDH

Featured in:

Orascoptic employee review of Holly’s unbiased content:

Our management and training teams found the review to be balanced and insightful. It's now featured in our Madison-based training portal, recommended for all sales and managerial staff. This independent assessment enhances our understanding of the Loupe market. Sharing this unbiased review aids potential customers in their decisions, driving sales.

Thank you from Orascoptic.

~Greg S. Rose,BSc

Eastern Canada Sales Representative | Orascoptic

Holly: The Innovative Dental Hygienist & Digital Creator

Key Achievements:

  • Comprehensive Reviews: Recognized for meticulous and informed evaluation of Orascoptic’s ergo loupes, integrated into their staff training modules.

  • Content Creation: Developed diverse, insightful content merging dental expertise and digital innovation to educate and inform the public.

  • Public Interaction: Addressed public inquiries, providing tailored dental guidance and promoting oral health awareness and practices.

Skills & Offerings:

  • Detail-Oriented Research: Ensures the delivery of accurate, reliable information.

  • Clear Communication: Articulates complex dental concepts in an accessible manner.

  • Innovative Solutions: Crafts content that resonates and educates, blending professional knowledge with creative expression.

Let's work together

Collaboration Opportunity:

I’m open to partnerships with companies seeking to advance the discourse in dental health through impactful, meaningful content.

Let’s create and innovate together to make strides in oral health awareness and education!

Email: toothbetoldblog@gmail.com

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